Litters born August, Watch this space for details

We Have a litter of 9 born to Robusto Calico Dream and Migatobonito Robustos Gambit

And a litter of two born to Elmcoon Cause N Effect and Yaheska Remy LeBeau These two are currently under assessment but inquiries welcome

Please please please  read our “About our kittens” page prior to contacting us. We are experiencing a high volume of inquiries and emails simply asking price will not be answered. Thank you x






























Red classic tabby & white -Male-Reserved Robusto Red Rum ( Jasper)




Black and white-Male- Sold



Black smoke and white-Male- Sold














Tortie high white-Female-Staying















Brown Classic Tabby- Male- Sold





















7 thoughts on “Litters born August, Watch this space for details

    • Hi,
      Im sorry but both boys in this litter are already on option, They may become available later if the person showing interest changes their mind. Or we have a litter due late april.

  1. Hi Juliet,

    I have just seen that you have a litter available in April? I’m enquiring on behalf of my parents who would like a boy and A girl from the same litter, please let me know if you have any available, kind regards


    • Hi Jo,

      Tillys litter arrived yesterday. its early days yet. I do not do anything regarding enquiries until they reach 3 weeks old. You never know what is going to happen. There is only one girl in this litter or 5 I know you said your parents wanted one of each. Im not sure i shall be able to help you as i already had others waiting. It will depend who wanted what a bit further down the line. I’m sorry i cannot be more specific but we cannot predict what each litter will contain and therefore those waiting may or may not find what they want.


  2. Hi, has the new litter arrived yet? Me and my partner are looking for a male kitten as a pet and will of course wait until they of a good age to leave home :)

    • Hi,
      Tilly’s litter arrived yesterday, early days yet. None of my kittens or any other registered breeder would home a kitten under 13 weeks old. We are currently looking into early neutering which would mean kittens would not be ready until around 16 weeks. We havent decided yet if we will go down this route with this litter being the first or wait until the next litter.
      If you want to get back to me when the kittens are over three weeks old thats fine. I do have a few people that are waiting for kittens though so as yet do not know what would be available or even if we ourselves would be keeping one to show. I have posted their first pic on our facebook page.

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