We are Juliet and Andy Hill, and live in a small village near the coast in Lincolnshire with our animal family.

We had always had moggies and dogs and various other animals, but fell in love with the Maine Coon breed about 9 years ago with the addition of Lulu and Mouse to our family. This lead to the decision to show Maine Coons, attending many shows, which then progressed to breeding our own kittens under the Robusto prefix.  We do this as a hobby, with our aim being to breed healthy, happy kittens of good type and temperament.

At present we share our home with three dogs, a Newfoundland called Florence, an Otterhound called Dexter, and  Lily, a Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. These live with our  cats, all Maine Coons, two snakes, an African Grey parrot, and our free range chickens,turkeys and ducks.

All of our animals are pets, and we love them dearly. They all live in the house (except the chickens, turkeys and ducks) and the cats have access to a large purpose built run attached onto the back of the house, allowing outdoor access as they please. After seeing many local cats end up the victims of road deaths, we advocate indoor living with outdoor access via a large cat run.

All our kittens are born in our bedroom, raised in the house, and when old enough have the run of the house with the other animals. They are well socialised with dogs, household noises and children as our family and friends are frequent visitors. Kittens are sometimes available to special indoor homes.

We would like to extend our thanks to Diane and John Longley from Loncoon Maine Coons for their advice and endless support to my relentless questions.